Toddlers & Twos 18 months - 35 months

Our Environment

Our toddler & twos classroom is a vibrant and engaging environment designed to cater to the developmental needs of little ones between 18 – 35 months. It is filled with colorful real-life pictures and materials with natural elements. You will find areas dedicated to sensory exploration and creative expression through art and music. We have low shelves and child-sized tables and chairs to promote independence and foster the development of fine motor skills.

Toddlers playing with pretend tools.
Toddlers reading books on carpet.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are nurturing and patient, providing a safe and stimulating atmosphere where the children can explore, socialize, and begin to learn essential skills like sharing, taking turns, and following simple instructions. Providing a safe and nurturing environment with plenty of positive reinforcement and encouragement will support their overall growth and development.

Our Curriculum

We believe it’s important to focus on activities that are engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate. It should be centered around exploration, play, and social interaction. We include activities such as sensory play, music and movement activities, outdoor play, and simple activities that promote gross and fine motor skills. It’s also essential to incorporate routines and transitions to provide structure and predictability. We keep activities short and varied, with plenty of opportunities for movement and exploration. 

Toddlers writing on the sidewalk with chalk.
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