Nursery 6 weeks - 17 months

Our Environment

We provide a warm, loving, nurturing environment where infants feel safe, secure, and supported. You will find soft, colorful mats for tummy time, cozy cribs for naptime, and age-appropriate toys that stimulate babies’ senses and encourage exploration. We have natural light and soothing music to create a calm atmosphere.

Babies playing in a plastic pool with shredded paper.
Babies in a nursery dancing with teacher.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are trained to respond promptly and sensitively to infants’ needs, including feeding, diapering, soothing, and comforting. They recognize and respect each infant’s unique temperament, preferences, and cues, fostering a trusting and secure attachment relationship.

Our Curriculum

While infants primarily learn through exploration, play, and interaction with their caregivers and environment, we also provide age-appropriate activities and experiences that promote early learning and development. This includes sensory stimulation, tummy time, music and movement activities, and exposure to language-rich environments. 

Babies in plastic pool washing baby dolls.
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